Tuesday, November 14, 2017

ADOM 3.0.2 released to our prerelease testers! (& brief pause)

Hi everyone!

The release train still is running at full steam - towards Steam so to speak ;-) We just released ADOM 3.0.2 to our prerelease testers which contains another slew of bug fixes and minor improvements. Sadly I have to report that ADOM 3.0.0 contains a major data corruption issue - save files that were created in 3.0.0 (or went through 3.0.0) probably are broken beyond repair - sorry for that :-(

The changelog can be found in the usual place!

Thanks for testing and enjoy the new release!
Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM

P.S.: After the frantic activity of the past couple of days there now will be a minor lull as I'm getting surgery tomorrow to have the metal in my left arm removed that I received due to an accident last year:

Wish me luck - I'm itching to start seriously working on Ultimate ADOM! Hopefully recovery will be fast and fully complete!


  1. Yeesh, those nails look crazy thick! But even if for some reason you decide not to go through with the surgery, there's always the option of retaining the metal and doing the Terminator 2 hand demonstration scene as a party trick. You'd have no problems imitating Arnold's accent either, since yours is pretty similar. :p But anyway, good luck.

    Was the 3.0.0 bug fixed, btw? I can't seem to find it in the changelog.

  2. Good luck Thomas! And speedy recovery.

  3. Quick update: Surgery went pretty well. I expect to be back up to 90+% by Monday hopefully and will spend the time till then recovering (and fiddling a little with the Ultimate ADOM ECS system - but the hand still needs some rest).

    1. So great to hear that it went well, and I hope you enjoy a restful weekend!