Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The (almost) final crowdfunding reward wave has shipped!

Hi everyone!

Today a very important milestone has been reached: The final wave of the "Resurrect ADOM development" crowdfunding campaign have shipped.

(well, it's probably the second to last wave because there will be one more small wave, probably at the end of October, in order to fix returned packages, etc. - but then it's over and done)

I've slept but 8 hours in the past 72 hours because it took a suprising amount of effort to
  • sort out addresses, check them and fix some of them (e.g. because some persons omitted their country)
  • select code pieces for the code certificates and get these printed,
  • package the certificates safely,
  • pack all the ADOM Lite RPG boxes (which we affectionately named "ADOM Resurrection Loot Boxes") including more code certificates, box certificates, the ADOM Lite RPG rules and the ADOM Arcana boxes, the poster map, a die (attuned by rolling it) etc. pp.
  • fill the boxes to prevent damage,
  • then bubble-wrap the boxes,
  • package them in the shipping boxes,
  • fill out tax forms, shipment forms, etc.
  • fulfill more ADOM Lite RPG orders,
  • personalize more ADOM postcards and send them.
So I'm really happy about having managed this. Below you find some impressions from the past 72 hours:
  • Packaging stuff:

  • Protecting the ADOM Resurrection Loot boxes:

  • In mid-packaging I ran out of my first batch of bubble-wrap, luckily I had taken care of that by ordering ample reserves:

  • In the end I prevailed:

  • Next I stuffed the car of my wife with all the boxes:

(the other stuff is not visible due to all the boxes)

And then I brought our small local post office to a kind of halt for about an hour. I had announced my coming, they were well prepared but sadly other visitors blocked the second worker with very problematic requests - and I got some angry looks from a slowly growing lynch mob because I was standing at the counter with my mountain of boxes.

But luckily after one efficient hour of processing the shipments plus me paying a minor fortune for shipping now everything is on its way. All boxes can be tracked so that problems should be easily identifyable.

Time for celebration :-)

I'm now looking forward to get photos (please post them in social media, too) of packages arriving (I'm curious what the state will be), unboxing videos, etc.

I'm now back to working on the remaining software promises - I still hope to get all that stuff finished by end of September. Wish me luck :-) !


  1. Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment. And I love the pictures.

    Victory over Chaos!

  2. did you have any loot boxes left? I just got the rulebook origionally..