Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New dialog widgets in ADOM

Hi everyone!

Another milestone has been completed in our quest to simplify the ADOM user interface and make it more accessible for new players: Starting with the next release ADOM is going to use dialog widgets to display meta game information and to input values expected from the PC.

The video below gives a brief demo about how this will look in ASCII mode - graphical mode is still under construction:

Especially in graphical mode players often believed that the game was "hung" when they just had hit an key combination that resulted in some input request and said request was barely noticeable in the message buffer. In the revised implementation the message buffer is only used for actual game information concerning your actions and surroundings and all (most?) meta information is displayed in dialogs.

Next up: Speech bubbles / dialog boxes for conversations to make it easier to follow discussions with NPCs and to reduce irritations about missed message texts from NPCs.


  1. Ooo I definitly like the look of it. It feels better than having it as a dialogue thing. I definitly like the idea of having speech and npc dialogue being the same way.

  2. Maybe get rid of the "The dynamic display now shows..." message? Seems unnecessary with the new selection dialog. Not having to cycle through all the options is big improvement, though.

    1. I had tried it but to me it seemed somewhat weird not having an explicit feedback. Let's try it and then see :-)

  3. So many promising things in the works for this game still, from the various posts here. Awesome. :)

    Greets from entitled deluxe features guy Lars from steam discussions ;)

  4. This looks so good! Can't wait to see the graphical version too.