Sunday, June 4, 2017

Dev State update - June 2017

Hi everyone!

Quick update on the status of each developer, and our current tasks / focus areas. But first, an animated Hydra with some lesser daemons to catch your eye ;)

So what's been going on behind the scenes late May and early June?

TB: On a short vacation from work. As we all know by now ADOM is obviously not work, so things are getting done ;) Mostly wrapping up crowdfunding loose ends, like physical rewards. (ADOM Boxed Set anyone?).

Jochen: Community site / highscore server. It's not very glorious at this stage, databases. security etc. Jochen has been picking up speed lately, that's for sure :)

Zeno: Focusing mostly on UI. Added easy to use mouse controlled targeting, also looking at the few remaining ASCII main menu screens.

Lucas: Music! Updating some older tunes and preparing a slew of new ones to match the upcoming content updates.

Krys: Diverted from animation duties for a moment to unblock some tasks for others, such as preparing the long awaited Boxed Edition cover, correcting & updating UI assets. Still, monsters are getting done as you've seen above :)

So yes, things are moving along and picking up pace. Surpsingly so, one might say... we'll have more updates for you shortly ;)

See you soon! :)


  1. Hi Gents,

    Will anyone of you be able to look into long-standing ADOM issues? At least into famous "illegal bodypart" and items stacks displayed two times in 'l'ook mode?

  2. Hi! Yes, probably a good time to look at this :) June feels like a very promising month :D

    1. Yes, I know that's one of the big bugs I have ran into when playing. I thought it was addressed before, but I guess not. Hopefully the bug fixes come out faster after getting that GIT stuff set up.

      BTW, I love the hydra animation :)