Monday, December 23, 2013

The final version of the ADOM map

One part of the rewards of the crowd funding campaign was he creation of a beautiful map of the Drakalor Chain. Here is the (hopefully) final version of the map - if you find any more mistakes, please let us know!

BTW you also might want to vote for ADOM to become the Roguelike of the Year 2013:


  1. i always imagined the river delta in the bottom right more marshy. other than that, looks great

  2. Great, but two problems:

    1. More marshes.
    2. Plains look too empty.

  3. Replies
    1. The tower of fire is in the center on the left half?

    2. sorry, confused. I'm thought this is the Quickling Tree :)

  4. I agree on more marshes, but the rest is great.

    Although it shouldn't be the final-final version, as we're going to get the volcano and other new locations, right? :)

    1. Actually the volcano thing will be very special. Let's put it like this: There won't be a volcano… initially. :-)

  5. It looks beautiful! Just a couple of minor issues:

    1. There should be a comma between "...waiting ADOM...," separating the clauses. "Thanks to your support after almost ten years of waiting, ADOM..."

    2. Just a stylistic opinion, but there's no need to split cross-platform if you put "your" from line 1 to line 2 and "cross-platform" completely on line 3.