Sunday, December 22, 2013

Speeding up the completion of the ADOM Lite RPG

Just a thought and a revelation that occurred to me… Lulu seems to have upped the number of pages a printed book with saddle stick binding (or I missed something in the first place). As a result one way of speeding up my attempts at finishing this book will be to increase the page count… for free.

Writing less is more difficult than writing more and so I'm going to use the number of pages that the book needs without trying excessive optimization and rules shortenings to get the book out as soon as possible.

Thus each donor who is eligible for a copy of the ADOM Lite RPG will receive rather 68 or 72 pages instead of the originally envisioned 64 pages. This will make the game a better and more complete game and additionally will speed ip my final fine-tuning (and I e.g. can add more tables of content… right now I only have a standard TOC, but there needs to be one for the many tables, one for the sidebars and probably a glossary, too). All in all the book should be better because of this.

The hurry on my side BTW is increased by one fact: If I don't manage to get the book into print in 2013 this probably will have some serious tax disadvantages and I'm very likely to pay a couple of thousand dollars out of my private pocket just to get the book out. So it must be finished in 2013. Hopefully there won't be too many quality problems - well, I'm trying my very best.

If any potential proofreaders feel bored over Christmas now is the time to apply for a job - I can need any help I can get to get this thing finished ;-)

And here's another teaser (not yet proofread):

BTW, we still need all the help we can get to vote ADOM to be the Roguelike of the Year 2013 - please vote for the game if you haven't done so far on the right side of the linked blog post (click on this red blog text to get to the voting page). Right now it's standing 920 (28%) : 1007 (30%) of the votes in favor of TOME but given the speed of the past few days I guess that ADOM has a decent chance of making it. And we (Team ADOM, the game, the community) need all the publicity we can get to raise awareness for the upcoming Steam campaign in order to get ADOM green lighted and hopefully lay the foundation for a long term resurrection! Thanks for your support!


  1. Looks great! All the best.

    p24, top-left: "If the GM wants to TAKE detailed notes regarding THE passage..."

    p25, top-right, 1st paragraph: "Naturally the MORALITY (not 'morale') and ETHOS of people GOVERN (not 'governs') their PARTICULAR (? 'peculiar' is odd) outlook on whether Darknight is BAD..."

    p25, top-right, Last paragraph: "...guard themselves... MAGICALLY during Darknight."

  2. Thanks for the comment. These are so helpful that I wonder if I should be doing a crowd proofreading :-) I could post one blog entry per double page and collect feedback. To protect the value of the RPG donors I probably would use a somewhat lower resolution and get the images out of the way or something like that...

  3. p. 24, left column, under the Variant Rule:
    - "regarding THE passage"
    - it looks like there are 2 spaces between "time" and "each"
    p. 25, main section, at the end: "is the ultimate ARBITRATOR"
    p. 25, right column, at the end: "during DARKNIGHT"

  4. Page 24, sidebar - "The Blessings of ONE'S Birthday"
    Page 25, under special night rulings - Matteo suggested "arbitrator," which is correct, but "arbiter" would also work and means the same thing.

  5. Being Born During Silvernight; last paragraph - "...whenever trying A good deed... " it currently reads "AN good deed"