Friday, November 16, 2012

ADOM 1.2.0 prerelease 5 now available!

Greetings everyone!

We are happy to announce the release of ADOM 1.2.0 prerelease 5!

Note that this release is only available to donors of the ADOM: The Resurrection campaign of Wanderer level and above (Seekers excluded, thanks for asking ;-) ). It is available under the URL you received with the same login data as before.

p5 is a bugfix release removing some old and new problems. Barring any major problems with p5 p6 should be the next major update introducing at least one new profession (Chaos Knights) and quite a bit of new stuff (full plate armor, some more heavy weaponry, new artifacts, etc.).

Here's the list of changes...

ADOM 1.2.0 Prerelease 5 Changelog (15 November 2012)

- Feature 1300 - Add 45 new items (in progress)
- Feature 1301 - Add 46 new artifacts (in progress)
- Feature 1316 - Version dump to flg
- Issue 144 - gold can be cursed
- Issue 884 - Petrified shopkeepers can yell and summon help
- Issue 904 - The PC can repeatedly fall into a pit by '\Ct'riggering it
- Issue 919 - Raised ghuls and wraiths do not decompose to destruction when out of LOS
- Issue 1172 - Blessed potions of oil doesn't make stuff waterproof
- Issue 1286 - Crashes and strange behavior when quitting game
- Issue 1288 - Illegal movement (x1, y1) -> (x1+/-3, y1+/-1) (Raspbian pre4 running on maemo)
- Issue 1289 - Maggot Corruption Results in Fatal Crash
- Issue 1298 - Cursed scroll of uncursing curses the item before message is generated
- Issue 1303 - crashed on mac 1.2.0p4 moving into creature with two shields
- Issue 1306 - Corruptions have some of their effects mixed up
- Issue 1312 - Mists of ChAoS not working
- Issue 1318 - No cause of death in game summary screen
- Issue 1326 - Walking against a wall produces bizarre behavior
- Issue 1331 - Add prerelease version number to saved games
- Issue 1336 - Initial Bard skill assignment missing skills after 'F'
- Issue 1343 - Monster triggered door trap destroys items on the ground of the PC position



  1. Great to hear this.
    As for issues 1300 and 1301 - are these artifacts/items available in p5 already?

    1. Sorry, Thomas is still working on them. No new artifacts or items in p5 I'm afraid. I updated the changelog accordingly.

  2. and by issues i meant features ;)

  3. Y'know I think you should include the Seekers on the distribution for the pre-releases. A fair few seem to have been confused by the wording of the text, and it's always good to show a touch of generosity in kind. I sincerely doubt any Wanderers would get upset by this. Everyone's pretty happy to be getting new ADOM releases :)

    1. ... It would be a good way to placate them for delays in the release of the RPG, should they occur down the road ;)

    2. 1000 times this!

      I have to admit I wasn't very careful when I was choosing which pledge to take (I just assumed you are getting everything lower pledge levels have).

      Not being able to access pre-releases is huge disappointment :/

    3. I really fail to understand how one can misread the very first sentence of the Seeker pledge level, cited:


      Just curious...

    4. Seriously, I mean I wouldn't mind if Thomas decides to give the ADOM pre-release builds to the Seeker level donators, but I specifically donated an extra $20 (or however much it was) on top of the Seeker level, in order that I would get the pre-release builds along with the ADOM Lite RPG.

    5. I donated at the Seeker level, and I don't want access to the prerelease builds. It was not included in the Seeker level, and that was pretty clear. It seems odd to me that people would feel entitled to something extra due to their own poor reading comprehension.

      Anyway, I don't mean to be rude. I just find this sort of entitlement somewhat bewildering.

      I'm looking forward to the tabletop RPG and the final build.

  4. "It is available under the URL you received with the same login data as before."

    Err, when did we receive this? I'm having trouble finding it. =S

  5. Can we have a journal? I sometimes play several characters and forget all the important things: altars, cute dog status, cleared dungeons, useful stuff in shops, my own stashes or simply what I was up to..

    1. You sir, had one genius idea.

    2. Now THAT would be useful! A really good idea.

    3. Please submit a feature request at

    4. finally done)

  6. The email with the URL landed in my Junk Email folder in Outlook...if you're having trouble locating it, it's dated Oct 21, and the sender is "Thomas Biskup" (unlike this latest announcement, which was from Indiegogo).

    1. Ah, it very well might have ended up in my Junk folder... which has been emptied since that date (nothing before the 5th of Nov). Is there any chance we can get another round of emails sent out?

    2. Second. I can't find the email with the prerelease link. I have literally been waiting years for a new adom version to play, please send a new round of emails!

    3. I am too missing my email about the prerelease link.

  7. To anyone missing the codes for prerelease downloads: Please proceed to