Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm really fed up...

...with the woes of post processing the ADOM: The Resurrection campaign. Indiegogo is totally unsuited to offer any support in that respect and if you have content-rich pledge goals that require interaction with donors no package out there really seems to help - especially if suggested content needs to be turned into program code.

So I'll try a different route this afternoon and implement a small website that will allow online management of all pledge goals backed by a database. Including the ability to request a new password etc. Because - as I said quite often - I underestimated the administrative overhead. So many emails that seem to get lost, passwords that are forgotten, pledge levels that are misunderstood, etc.

So I'll try to automate the whole process by hand as - having lost another week or two of time evaluating other tools and not finding the right one - this seems to be the best solution remaining. I'll get back with an update as soon as the code is in place.


P.S.: If have not forgotten to post the collected experiences with crowd funding... but I'm still adding to them ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Although this sounds like a massive headache, I hope it makes things easier in the long run and helps take the load off a little. As such I consider this to be good news, even if its delaying "real" work on ADOM (although I am biased due to having been one of the ones who missed their email... *shame face*).

    Good Luck getting it all sorted though!