Monday, March 19, 2012

The biggest bug so far: Download link in the menu not updated!

The bad news: Foolish me... the rebranding caused me to forget about updating the download link in the menu bar to the top right of this site. The download link to the right was updated. Now both are up to date. If your version ADOM II 0.2.3 does not say "ADOM II" but rather "JADE" on the main screen and the splash screen you downloaded the wrong version. (The download link in the blog post was correct, BTW)

1 comment:

  1. RFE: On chargen and advancement, can shift-letter be used to "unspend" recently devoted skill points?

    I know you didn't allow this in ADOM 1 since of course the advancement was random, but now that this isn't the case, it's kind of a headache to have to restart if I hit the wrong button in spending skillpoints at chargen (as I often do.)