Thursday, March 8, 2012

ADOM II 0.2.3 update

Hi folks! Here we go with an update for those who don't follow my micro updates on Facebook:

  • I'm finally done implementing monks. I decided to exchange the feign death ability by reduced hunger (only 20% normal). Feign death started to become so complicated to implement as it affected so many subsystems that I no longer liked it. Maybe at a later point when I can think of a better approach.
  • Barbarians also are finished.
  • Finally all (currently planned) wilderness encounters have been implemented (chaos brothers and sisters were the last ones missing).
  • All special abilities except for the special pickpocket stuff of thieves now is finished.
Would anyone mind if I just do some testing and fix as many of the open bugs as possible (this will take something like a week at most, maybe two to three days at best) and then release ADOM II 0.2.3?

Many unfinished things would be left of the next one or two releases, among them

So let me know your wishes: Release something unfinished for general testing as soon as possible or continue to work on "perfecting" the next release?


  1. No go ahead, If you think the game needs some private bug fixing first then thats probably what it needs

    although, releasing early does give the advantage of players being used as free bug finders, I'm pretty sure this is what Dwarf Fortress does and it seems like it works really well

  2. So many new things already done. I would like to test them ASAP :)

  3. Essentially, I'd say the most important releases on the horizon is the first Deluxe one and the one right before it---all others fit the early/often model well enough. However many releases beforehand is due to nothing more than your schedule and overall aims for the .2.x and .3.x series in terms of what they were to originally signify.

    Reasoning being you only get one final chance to discern showstoppers with the last pre-Deluxe release with the ardent fan public, and subsequently the first big shot to attract sales within them, and especially outside, with the first Deluxe---ideally you want the way duly cleared to where you can come out sprinting from the starting gate, so to say.

  4. As always, I'll say ASAP. No one loses anything, we can always get the polished release later (and no one is forced to play an unpolished release if you label it as such).

  5. Yes, concentrate on bugs and then release, please. :-) There's alredy been so many months and new features since the last release that I'm getting really impatient. After 0.2.3 you can do one or two more 0.2.x releases that do bugfixes, balance tweaks and remaining Devstate features before focusing on 0.3.0.

  6. Is there any way to save my view settings (e.g. zoom, message display location etc)? This is really annoying to manually set it up each time the game is restarted.