Sunday, August 14, 2011

Planning the next JADE release

Ok, here are the basic ideas for the next "content release" of JADE (the bugs so far in JADE 0.1.3 do not seem to warrant a quick new release so far, but a couple of hours are too early to tell ;-) ).

Most of all JADE now needs more special effects (confusion, paralysis, ...). These are simple to add but currently there are too few. These special effects play a major role in item effects, traps, monster abilities, etc. and thus are an important ingredient to more content.

Second I would like to add monster templates in order to be able to derive more monsters from basic versions (e.g. zombie templates, skeleton templates, corrupted templates and so on).

Finally I would like to have a more complete "world" in the next release (e.g. a functioning wilderness including water barriers, wilderness encounters, etc.) as well as more functional settlements (with more appropriate map sizes, less buildings, more interesting buildings, etc.).

And as usual for JADE releases: more monsters and more items ;-)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for few bugs in JADE 0.1.3 so that I can focus on the next content wave ;-)

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  1. I agree with you priorities, as templates, status effects and wilderness problems add a lot of variation and depth.

    However, I would also give some priority to adding more (randomly generated) quests, as these direct the game and give you something to strive for. I understand if this is not added in 0.1.4, but I hope at least 0.1.5 starts featuring more quests.

  2. Oh, simple quests might be an option. I'll keep it in mind as it (to me) falls into the category of "things to do in order to make settlements more interesting" ;-)

  3. Well well well well... I remember when I played with ADOM many years ago. Today, it is still the best Roguelike, even if Dwarf Fortress (Adventure mode) seems getting more and more provided.
    So, in my opinion, Jade can be the best Roguelike, but he has to have one thing that no other roguelike has: Complex procedural quest. If you succeed in this challenge, you will be the one who made what others didn't. But it's difficult, I know...

  4. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh How exciting! :D this is getting more exciting for each release! :D

  5. Has anybody else come across a volcano?
    I wanted to climb it/enter it...

  6. btw what happeded to the fighter class ? characters now seems to be classless =d

  7. All are fighters. More classes including multi-classing probably will be added with JADE 0.2.0 (multi-classing is already in the game - I just need to activate more classes and add guilds).

  8. my bad. i just had a glitch where my char was N/N in a highscore and now it says fighter when i check it O_o no idea how it happened

  9. not enough sleep i guess ^^ its alignment that is N/N in highscore :D