Friday, September 7, 2018

Ultimate ADOM @ Roguelike Celebration

Hi everyone!

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring the Roguelike Celebration 2018 (October 6-7 2018 in San Francisco). Without Roguelike Celebration there would be no Ultimate ADOM so we thought this would be a good way of saying thanks to the awesome organizers of Roguelike Celebration as well as the roguelike community. Thus we decided to sponsor the arcade party on Saturday night where there will be tons of roguelike to play, talk to the developers and generally have an amazing time.

Tickets are still available and the list of speakers already is totally mind-blowing! IMHO Roguelike Celebration is the one event to be if you enjoy roguelike games. Come and let's talk!

I've been there since its inception and met nothing but wonderful funny & brilliant people. And San Francisco also always is worth a trip ;-)

We are going to do two things at Roguelike Celebration:

Presentation about Entity Component Systems

Entity component system architectures are very interesting if you are going to create highly flexible game designs. I will give a 30 minute presentation about how ECS is being used in games and how we use it to make Ultimate ADOM ultra-flexible.

Live demo of Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos

At the arcade party we will do the very first live demo of the then-current state of Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos. While it will not yet be a functioning game at that point we will be able to showcase lots of exciting features already implemented during our mission to create the most flexible and mind-blowing roguelike dungeoncrawler ever. Stay tuned and enjoy our new logo:

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