Monday, June 18, 2018

ADOM video competition winners announced!

We asked for participation in an ADOM video competition. And you competed!
Now we have a winner!
Watching a ton of extremely good videos was quite an extraordinary experience, and a humbling one - so many of you are better at playing ADOM than we are.
Over 20 hours of viewing material made it into the preliminary selection, so it took a bit longer than anticipated to select our winners.
We have them now, though, and will happily present these to you.
While we struggled with everything else, the first place goes to 'Mercury Jack' for his exceptional explanation video showing what ADOM is and giving valuable advice for both fresh heroes and experienced adventurers. Well done!
The second place goes to the tale of Ork the Ratling Duelist by FritzCouchPlays. It is a tale full of wonder, twists and an interestingly named Ratling who grows beyond her small frame.
And finally, though Not Really Safe For Work due to sweary words, we agreed on Blind Ryan's hilarious streak of bad luck for Ryan the dwarven mindcrafterto be followed here:
All winners will be contacted over the weekend, and prizes will be sent out as soon as we have all addresses.
Honourable mentions need to go to Denox and Yana who made us wish we speak Russian:
And to the wonderful Adam Grzyb who basically sent us billions of hours of highly enjoyable viewing stuff.
Thank you all! We'll keep the prizes a surprise until they get to our winners, but then we'll share the absolute stunning and amazing thing we've created here.
Thank you all for participating! We were blown away by the quality of items you sent us.

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