Thursday, December 15, 2016

Silence due to broken arm

Hi everyone!

Just a brief update: I managed to break my left arm last weekend. It's a clean break but the bones are completely separated. As a consequence I will be undergoing surgery tomorrow (Friday, 16th of December) and am facing several weeks of recovery. Sadly programming/writing are among the things that don't work well with one hand - which throws quite a wrench into the machinations I had planned to finally get the crowdfunding stuff done within the next couple of weeks.

Sorry for yet another batch of delays but this time the RNG really hit me hard.

I'll keep you updated on the recovery process. And 2017 thus is going to become an even more interesting year... promise.



  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery Thomas!

  2. Where are regeneration spells when you need them?!
    Get well soon, health always goes first. We'll hold the fort :)

  3. Well that's what happens when you try to block a Caveman's club with your bare arm.

    Get well mate! If you get served any kobold corpses while in hospital, don't eat them, they're gross.

  4. Thomas, i hope you were born on Candle ;)

  5. Get well soon Thomas! Wishing you high regenerations rates and hope your serious wounds will be quicky cured!

  6. That's rough, take your time and heal well, Thomas. It might be a long journey to recovery, I've had broken bones myself.

    Know that we'll always be here to cheer you up! Any roguelike fan knows: you will never go without a scratch and patience is the best stat. :)

  7. Thomas, how is your arm? Any news?