Sunday, November 13, 2016

Digital crowdfunding reward ready: Map of the Drakalor Chain

Dear ADOM: Resurrect ADOM Development crowdfunding donors,

if you donated in the campaign at the Champion level (or above) you now can download your digital copy of our beautiful Drakalor Chain map (designed by our incredible Team ADOM art director, the one and only Krzysztof Dycha ["Ravenmore"]). It already has been presented on the back cover of the ADOM Lite RPG and now is available in a huge resolution optimally suited for beautiful prints.

Update 13th of November: 9:31pm GMT +1: The PDF download now also is available.

To get your download just log in to the ADOM crowdfunding fulfillment portal and click on the download links.

Have fun!

Thomas Biskup
ADOM Maintainer

P.S.: And if you have not registered your current address for physical rewards you might be eligible to, please do that right now, too ;-)