Friday, November 25, 2016

ADOM Steam Award nominations and 10% winter sale!

Hi everyone!

Two exciting things are happening for ADOM @ Steam right now:

  1. The Steam Award nominations are running right now. We feel that ADOM fits the "Stood the test of time" category particularly well as there are probably are very few (if any?) games on Steam that have been under development for more than 20 years and can show the results! If you think likewise please head over to Steam and give us your vote on the ADOM Steam store page! Thanks a lot!
  2. Right now ADOM is taking part in the Winter sales event (something we are not doing very often). If you have not yet tried ADOM Deluxe on Steam with its ton if incredible extra features (see this list for a complete overview) now is a good time to cash in on a 10% discount and get started with ADOM at Steam. Have fun!
In the meantime we continue to work on getting various physical crowdfunding rewards shipping (the ADOM Lite RPG books should arrive around the 28th of November at my location - all 16 boxes from what UPS told me ;-) and we will start packaging and shipping immediately) and this weekend I hopefully will get all postcards for the reverse postcard quests prepared and send. So if you still haven't confirmed your shipping address now the final hours for the first batch are running out!

(people below already seem to be lining up to get in on the fun ;-) )


  1. Actually this is the Autumn sale event.

  2. done !
    and finally, as I havent (sadly) participate to the crowfunding, I bought on Steam the Adom version. :)