Sunday, August 28, 2016

ADOM progress: R68 almost there, RPG unboxing update & more

Hi folks!

Here we go with the latest update on stuff that is happening behind the scenes (and a lot has been happening):
  • ADOM R68 (v2.2.2) is almost ready. We already are testing the internal version and probably will be releasing it as a beta tomorrow evening on Steam and shortly behind that to the prerelease testers (sorry for the incorrect order but the Steam process is so much simpler than doing non-Steam prereleases that we really want to be as quick as possible with this bugfix release and thousands of Steam players with many newbies among them will provider faster feedback on the stability of the version than "just" hundreds of prerelease testers). ADOM R68 has become quite extensive. Originally it was meant to be a small bugfix release for R67 but by now we have fixed / added more than 50 (!) bugs / features. There are quite a few major fixes among those and I will much more extensively talk about R68 during the release blog posting (due most likely tomorrow evening). For the next content releases we'll return to the established order as we need the expertise of our prerelease testers to really test all the new stuff to its limits and beyond!
  • ADOM Lite RPG arrived during last week and today I finally got around to unboxing it. And the good news is: Everything is fine and we no can go printing 550+ of these babies. During the next couple of days I will do the necessary accounting, prepare the resurrection portal for mailing address confirmation and updates and get the required information out to everyone. The toughest challenge will be to consolidate all the data from the crowdfunding campaign into the portal and that's something I'm not really looking forward to - but it will be so awesome to finally get this done. (And I will use the opportunity to also get the reverse postcard quest fulfilled.) Oh, and here's the unboxing video:
  • Internally we have made huge progress on our build infrastructure. Jochen has been very busy preparing our internet deployment infrastructure for a change from Subversion (SVN) to GIT. If these names do mean something to you, you probably don't need any explanation of the benefits. If you never heard those names up until now, it means: In the future we will have a build infrastructure that allows us to do fast bug fix releases in parallel to more extended and time-consuming content releases. So we finally should not be hampered in producing complex content by having to wait for a stable version before we dare changing significant features and vice versa. I'm very much looking forward to our new infrastructure and it will be activated as soon as we have our next stable Steam release (because we need a period of peace to exchange our tooling).
That's it for today - more tomorrow (99.9%).

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