Sunday, December 7, 2014

The new ADOM title score

Don't miss out on the most awesome new title score of ADOM, devised by our sound wizard Lucas Dieguez.

And here are the lyrics by Lucas. Thanks so much to Robert Estep for helping to refine them!

Ancient valleys sorrounded by mountain sides
Trying hard to break free from eternal dark
Elder demons have risen to conquer us
Driving us off our lands 

Heroes, warriors and mages united fall
In the purple of chaos they meet their doom
Born to die in a battle to save us all
From the end of times

Yet the prophecies tell of a savior of sword, spell and might
From the Drakalor chain he would rise to free the land

Thus the world shall survive to the whim of 
The one to rule all...


  1. Beautiful track, albeit doesn't really fit ADOM well, much more a 3D RPG.

  2. I like it, I expected a female voice for the lyrics, especially after the intro harmonies but this works too I guess.

  3. Very nice progress overall at 81%. Looks like you seriously pushing toward Steam now and we are awaiting you there with open arms and wallets!