Saturday, August 30, 2014

Happy Second Resurrection Day!

To me it's unbelievable but we already have the second anniversary of the ADOM Resurrection day. Today two years ago the unbelievable, incredible, breath-taking determination of the ADOM community allowed us to start an exciting journey that yet has to come to a conclusion: The complete resurrection of ADOM.

The incredible success of the Indiegogo campaign allowed us to form Team ADOM (thanks in alphabetical order to Jochen, Krys, Lucas and Zeno for their incredible contributions so far and yet to come) and to breathe new air into ADOM.

A lot has happened since then and so much still has to happen. As usual ADOM development is no straight path but a winding road with twists and turns but personally I am immensely proud of what has been achieved and what yet will come. Even if we still are a long way from fulfilling all the promises of the campaign I at least am happy that we already surpassed the promised in many areas - even at the price of wandering off the planned path and spending time in remote areas.

Looking at todays ADOM I am extremely proud about the terrific NotEye integration, the beautiful tile sets and the increasing level of animations, the awe-inspiring soundtracks and the growing amount of sound effects, the many hundreds bugs we squished and the hundreds of improvements that were added (not to mention the new maps, quests, artifacts, races and classes, the new corruptions, artifacts, statues, etc.).

And the best is yet to come... next is the Steam integration (which is so much more work to get it right than we probably ever expected) which we hopefully will finish before Christmas (this right now is the top priority), the ADOM RPG and the missing quests and levels as well as finally shipping all the physical rewards. As mentioned in another blog post a successful launch on Steam probably is the most critical puzzle piece right now in order to allow for a truly long-time vibrant continuing development success far beyond the results of the crowd funding campaign. I right now wish nothing more than for this to happen as currently working on ADOM is the most awesome and fun experience I ever had - and even the nightmare of the code base is shrinking as we get more and more things under control and continuous refactoring slowly returns comfort and extensive fun while working on the code.

I am indebted to you all - the community, the individuals and Team ADOM - for your incredible support and staying power and as a result I - and the others in Team ADOM - feel compelled to deliver the best possible result.

I am indebted to you all for the most inspiring and awesome experience in my life - thanks! Looking forward to our next adventures!

Axes High!

P.S.: How many people already have encountered the "resurrection day secret" (actually there are two) in ADOM? It's been in the game for a while but I yet have to see mention of it.

P.P.S.: That's what's Team ADOM right now is working on - a beautiful new character generations sequence. The two images below are from our internal experiments - the end result is breath taking and the star sign animation I just saw is... Zeno is a genius and Krys a master artist... let's put it like this ;-)

This one is very close to the "character sheet" you will be able to see during creation (and it's only one-half of the screen - the other half is taken up by the options you can choose):

This was an earlier first attempt...


  1. Can confirm that Zeno's random star sign choice animation is totally cool :) I didn't even know we can do stuff like that.

    Opening screen and all of the main menus, including character generation, are looking very promising. I think I've said this before...R51 can't come soon enough!

  2. Thank you for all your hard work on the game we love so much. Can't wait to play it on steam!

  3. For all who are wondering the mentioned Item is the beautiful Amulet - Amulet of resurection :) ... worth 90 000 GP ~ (Arround raised funds in res campaign) .. It saves the life of the Player as it did ADOM. :) And not only that, It makes it better. I love the theme going into the item.

  4. Hi, I’ve run into a rather serious bug/crash. If I (in the in-game noteye settings) change the graphics type (tiles to ASCII) and then save the settings in the in-game not eye settings, save the game, quit the application (if I simply restore the game without leaving the application there is no problem until I do quit the application) restart the application and then restore my game again (or generate a new character) I get the following crash:
    Error: did no yield [games/adom-utils.noe:133: attempt to perform arithmetic on global ‘global_y’ [a nil value0]
    The only way I am able to clear the crash is by deleting my adom_dat folder . Further if I change (in the in game noteye settings), something like the diagonal movement settings and then save the settings in the noteye settings, save the game, quit the application, restart and again attempt to restore the game there is no problem, so it seems this is linked to the graphical type setting in noteye + saving the settings + restarting the application.
    Windows 7, 64 bit running the newest pre-release