Sunday, January 12, 2014

Unboxing prerelease 2 of the ADOM Lite RPG

Hi everyone!

A while ago I previewed an early version of the upcoming ADOM Lite RPG. Today prerelease 2 arrived in the mail and below is the unboxing video:

In the meantime (while this got printed and shipped) the proofreaders did a lot of amazing work on the text and I now have a very long list of changes to apply. I will restart my work on the ADOM Lite rules once prerelease 21 of ADOM is out (which basically means that I need to finish my work on the domain of the ice queen, which is awesome fun). This will probably take another week or so. Then I'm back to the ADOM Lite rules to get this task finally finished.

Oh, and please ignore the other RPG books I procured from Lulu. It's stuff I wanted to own for a long time ;-)


  1. :o
    That's massive, I almost wish I played pen & paper RPGs.

  2. Looks good, I haven't played pen & paper RPGs for years, but this one I must try. :)

  3. I saw the stack of books and was like "what the hell? I thought it was a *lite* RPG". Then I read the last paragraph; makes sense now.

  4. Great stuff! It must have been wonderful having it arrive amidst the other books; it definitely doesn't look out of place. I was also pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous it is to look at.

  5. Sorry, I'm sure this has been asked before, but will the RPG we widely available or only for KS backers. I figure it's Lulu, so POD should allow you to offer the game widely. I just don't know what was promised to backers.

  6. Very professional, and now I'm excited to get my copy! I don't expect to be getting into any RPG groups at this time of my life, but this will offer incredible bathroom reading value :-) Next step: ADOM the Board Game!