Monday, January 27, 2014

Regarding item descriptions and ADOM 1.2.0p21...

Here's a change to the inventory screen… probably the first visual change in 12 years. Or rather "the first set of visual changes". Do you notice the difference?

This is my reaction to yesterdays blog post. I still need to add this to the stuff list, too, but that should be a matter of half an hour or so (including testing) tonight. Notes can be up to 20 characters long.


  1. Oh my *God*! The ability to note items! This is glorious. I can see this coming in very handy in a number of situations. Thank you!

  2. Awesome! While I was hoping this would be implemented in ADOM II, I never expected it to be in ADOM!

  3. Wow, this was one of the things I missed most from Nethack when I started playing Adom. So awesome to see it being implemented!