Sunday, August 18, 2013

The revised ADOM Logo

While we by now have discussed (and disliked) the initial ADOM Logo design attempt quite a bit Team ADOM (and particularly Krys who really has gone to far away places and beyond to find a great new design) have tried to come up with a better logo and icon design for ADOM. Here is what we came up with besides a new non-logo-design I also blogged about...

The first image shows our current proposal for the header logo - much simpler than the original ideas (it also goes well with extended designs as I will show below):

Then we have a reduced version to be used for the ADOM icon:

Here is a sample of how a website design might look like if it were to be based on this basic theme:

And here's a totally different sample showing how the code certificates from the crowd funding campaign might look like:

(BTW, the source code is just a sample - it's not from ADOM)

And if we were to do more merchandising stuff that IMHO also would work:

Comments welcome as usual :-)


  1. Ooh, I like it. :-)

    Maybe adjust the tentacle positions -- currently it looks a little too much like they form a heart shape, which gives an entirely wrong message.

  2. Yes, yes. I *really* like this! The only change I see that I would like to be made is, as I mentioned before, having the '@' symbol in there somewhere. That's from someone who's so used to seeing that as my character that it's iconic, though. :) Maybe as the 'O'? Otherwise, I really love it. The green gem is positioned just right to look like the head of a 'serpent', too, and for me that actually works quite well.

    The small icon, on the other hand, I see *nothing* needing to be changed. IMO, it's *perfect* as it is. Even if some small detail is lost when it's shrunk down, it should still look amazing, and the simplicity still says everything that needs to be said.

  3. The small icon IS an '@' sign. Didn't you know that the circle around the a is a tentacle?

  4. The small icon is gorgeous.

    I like the big icon, but I think that the design dwarfs the title, so the text should be bigger. The text is just over a quarter of the total height (!) and only three quarters of the width.

    Personally I'd go with something more like this making it more like adorned text. The love-heart changes to the tentacles are less important but I also like them :)

  5. I love this design. My only gripe is what Laukku said, the first version also looked somewhat heart-shaped to me (even before reading his comment). But apart from that, they're both very good, especially the small one. It's classy.

  6. Am favourable. It is much more appropiate for a header than the originally proposed logo. I also like the icon.

    Just a suggestion: have you considered changing the "A" for an "@" at just the icon?

    That said, I still think it is a bit too detailed or baroque for a logo. It is a header image, the title of a book (RPG-Lite, anyone?), or the name for the game in the gamebox... But a logo has to be «Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile and Appropiate»:

    Things like highlights, metal effects, too much detail, etc -- all conspire to make the logo either hard to recognize, or to reproduce in media other than the screen. I work as a designer in a printing press and see this happen a lot.

    That said, I repeat that the design is beautiful, and probably it can be adapted to a "more logo-esque" design. Take for reference the "Dungeons & Dragons" logo:

    It has the same "high fantasy" air to it, but it can be reduced to black and white, etc.

  7. This is a significant improvement over the last iteration, ship it!

  8. I agree with previous comments. I like it but the heart shape might be too much. It's definitely the first thing that crossed my mind (that it looked like a heart).

    Note that the tentacles are not the problem. the shape is actually generated by the black think in the bottom center of the text frame. Remove that and the heart would be gone...

  9. If the little curl on the top of the A switched sides, it would hint at a @. Just a thought.