Sunday, August 18, 2013

ADOM 1.2.0 Prerelease 16 is out! (upgrade ASAP)

And just on the heels of ADOM 1.2.0p15 follows... ADOM 1.2.0 Prerelease 16 (see the change log). It fixes a serious bug when changing maps that we missed. Please upgrade as soon as possible!


  1. Hey Thomas, for those of us who were too poor to get into prerelease, what's the overall done percentage in regards to the game (as opposed to all the BS getting it on Steam and what have you?)

    I not only ask for myself but for the dozen of people I've gotten interested. :)

    1. To be honest: That's very hard to say as sometimes the ratio of visible changes to invisible fiddling is not very well. My guess would be that we will be seeing a minimum of another 6-9 months of prereleases before a final version is done. The amount of stuff added to the campaign due to overshooting the initial target of $48.000 by almost 100% added a ton of things we need and want to do. So right now maybe something like 50-60& are done. But it's very hard to say as we already learned that a number of our estimations were too optimistic. Nonetheless we'll get the job done ;-)

    2. I've been with you since Gamma 15. I know the score... it's just now I know how the scoreboard works. :)

      Thanks for the info, TB.

  2. May I make a suggestion? In your 2012 Christmas Eve post, you announced the public release of p5 and ended with these words: "There will be a couple of public milestone releases but they will be a lot rarer than the somewhat continuous stream of prerelease updates." I think now it's the right time to make another public release:
    - on the one hand, the current prerelease, with the integration of music and graphics, is quite a milestone. On the other hand, the contributors that have access to the closed prereleases have still lots of additions to look forward to (I am one of those contributors, by the way, so whatever you decide changes nothing for me)
    - from what I have read in the forums, I think most people with access to the prereleases would be fine with this
    - and, most importantly, the first anniversary of the end of the glorious crowd funding campaign, 31 August, is near, and it would be nice to release it on that day as a gift for all those who were low on money at the time of the campaign and could contribute only the minimum amount, or just spread the word and hoped with us.

  3. how is the steam greenlight going? is there a cost associated with releasing a demo version on greenlight (I paid for the pre-release). the demo can allow a couple of classes/races, let people play until say dwarftown, but not below in CoC. Might get you some more publicity.

    this game has way more features than some of the other roguelikes that got greenlighted. might help the game get greenlighted, then get you some more beta revenue. even though I paid the $40 for the beta, you might want to run a $10 special or something like that to get more people to sign up.

  4. Greetings on the aniversary of the crowd funding program:) I remember the excitement of last summer, when it finished with a great success:) Glad I was part of it and it's progressing:) Good luck ressurecting the greatest game ever!

  5. It was nice to try tiled version. Too bad it lags every step on 2010 year computer.