Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Call for artists (ADOM Lite RPG)

While I continue to write the rules book for the ADOM Lite RPG it just occurred to me to include community based material in the RPG. Specifically I was thinking about art as I already bought some artwork for the RPG but am not yet completely happy with some parts. So here's the deal...

If you are a budding (or established) artist and would love to be a part of the ADOM RPG I am open for art submissions. Below you will find a list of things that might be interesting for inclusion.

The rules are simple: You retain all rights to your art, I receive the right to use your artwork in whatever way I deem appropriate as long as it is used in the ADOM RPG (Lite or otherwise; must also be allowed to use the art in marketing the RPGs, e.g. on a website related to the RPG, etc.). Your will be credited by name and specific piece(s) of art and you receive one copy of the ADOM Lite RPG, two if three or more art pieces from you are included (I can't and don't want to pay more as the funds from the crowd funding campaign primarily are intended to further the development of the ADOM computer game). By submitting art to creator(at)ancientdomainsofmystery.com you show your consent to these rules.

What am I looking for? All kinds of stuff but primarily to B&W art related to races, classes, star signs and corruptions. Specifically I'm right now unhappy with trolls, drakelings and hurthlings and I have very few art pieces selected for the classes (although I have a stack of stuff in waiting for that). I have not art for the star signs (but would love to have some) and corruptions are a topic in itself.

As shown here in the sample I am going for a realistic black & white line art style, so that's what your submission should be. 300 DPIs is the resolution required. Submissions best come as TIF or PNG.

If there are other questions let me know and use the chance to gain some (more ;-) ) visibility in the publishing world, even if it's in a (so far) limited edition game.

And before anyone gets concerned: As I tried t state - the progress of the game is not dependent on art submissions, I have enough stuff - I just thought it might be a nice touch to offer the chance ;-)



  1. Has anyone sent any art yet? I might soon get enough free time to contribute myself.

    1. I am in contact with a couple of artists but so far I do not yet have received any specific art. So more offers / art always are welcome ;-) It probably would be best to coordinate things a little bit (email me at creator(at)ancientdomainsofmystery.com if you really think you can find the time to do something).

  2. Are you still accepting art? I'd love to attempt some :)