Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ADOM: The Resurrection update

Hi everyone!

Although things took much longer than planned finally everything seems to be falling into place. Here's the most important list of updates...

  • Jochen just yesterday night reported that for the first time he managed to successfully compile and run NotEye for Windows. Yeah! Zeno is enhancing NotEye as required in order to comply with ADOMs needs and I am very much looking forward to being able to release the first beta version with NotEye support... but it still will take a moment as a lot of nitpicky work still needs to be done.
  • Krys is working on images. Lots of work still ahead but we are moving!
  • The postcard stuff is finished and I now need to organize the mailing of said postcards (see below regarding surveys).
  • I finally got things worked out with Lucas... both of us didn't expect it to be so difficult to transfer money to his home country and we have learned a lot. He is now setting up his new equipment and we are discussing the structure for the music we are going to add.
  • I'm continuing to work on some new features (chaos knights right now). I got sidetracked a little bit during the past week due to lots of real life work but finally there's a solution for that, too (read below).
  • On thursday (holiday over here) I'm going to try to get all the requests out related to the various virtual rewards for all the pledge levels, because...
...and this was the most important thing to get organized for me (and the most difficult, being one of three CEOs of a 70+ person company)...

...I'm going to take a roughly one-month sabbatical during December and the first days of January...

...and that sabbatical will be 150% dedicated to working on ADOM and all the things I need to get implemented (meaning I'm really targetting 12+ hour workdays in order to get as much stuff done as possible). Yeah :-) ! I'm very much looking forward to a totally exciting time of hacking ADOM :-)

This will entail a couple of organizational changes I'm planning to implement in order to use my time as efficiently as possible:

  • Thursday hopefully will see various surveys mailed out to donors of the ADOM: The Resurrection campaign in order to get you working on the various things with which you will immortalize yourself in the game. I want to have the surveys finished by the end of November so that I can use December 100% to implement as much stuff as possible with highest efficiency. One month of time to decide on stuff and fix address issues IMHO should be ample.
  • I will return my focus n ADOM Lite RPG during November to get as far as possible with writing in order to have a chance to send out stuff during December. I fear that this is not really realistic but I'll try hard. But chances are stacked against me managing to pull the RPG off in a month (given the need for editing, etc.).
  • December will be the high energy implementation month for me to get all the bug chunks out of the way. This should allow to keep up a continuous stream of development afterwards once normal work picks up again.
The only thing that saddens me is that I still did not manage to release ADOM II 0.3.0 and the release schedule for ADOM II is total oblivion. It's almost done but could need some more testing and documentation and still the installer... documentation is something I might ignore but the other two points seem important. *big-sigh*

Ok, so much for now. Expect a lot more action during the week and stay tuned!



  1. Very appreciative of the update. Sounds quite exciting.

    Really looking forward to the survey so I can add a few of my rather unusual suggestions and ideas without public ridicule :D

  2. Great to see things really happening on this. It's all still very surreal though! I hope you don't get too burnt out on your sabbatical, especially around the busy Christmas period. But I'm sure with some solid work we'll see great progress made :)

    Regarding ADOM II, I'd say just ship an alpha 0.3.0, let the community report bugs, and try and find time to patch some things later. Release early, release often remember!

  3. Sounds promising! Semi-agreed with Darren Grey---I'd say the installer is the key thing as that should allow more people to actually play and test the game more successfully, with fixes and documentation building to come.

    Beyond that, I'd say aiming to update each section on the website here to a properly current form as needed would be a good idea to slip in there so any forthcoming newcomers, since it does indeed appear that things will be active in the closing months of 2012, will know exactly what is up now as opposed to months ago.

  4. Are there any plans to release the Lite RPG as a PDF or something? I didn't find out about the kickstarter until it was already over, but I love the idea of the product and wish I could give my money to you for it. :P