Sunday, October 21, 2012

ADOM: The Resurrection prerelease 1.2.0p4 now available!

Finally the time has come... due to Jochens tireless efforts we just managed to upload all the prerelease variants of ADOM 1.2.0 prerelease 4. This is the very first closed prerelease for donors of the ADOM: The Resurrection crowfunding campaign who donated for the Wanderer+ levels (Seeker donors excluded - something I am cursed having to explain endlessly ;-) ).
ADOM 1.2.0p4 is the most available ADOM ever - 16 platform variants were compiled by Jochen (Windows, MS-DOS, 2 x OS X, 5 x Linux, 2 x NetBSD, 2 x FreeBSD, 3 x Amiga).

The access data was mailed a couple of minutes ago to everyone on my donor list who should be applicable. I repeat: Seeker donors are not applicable, Villagers neither.

To everyone else: If you haven't received an email by tomorrow with your access data get back to me at creator(at) - hopefully the donor lists finally will be consolidated (man, did I underestimate the effort for that).

ADOM 1.2.0 Prerelease 4 Changelog (21 October 2012)
  • Feature 1284 - Add 12 new corruptions (actually 17 were added)
  • Issue 716 - another batch of typos was fixed
  • Issue 720 - Breakable/alterable artifacts
  • Issue 728 - 'your muscles bulge' message without strength gains
  • Issue 918 - +Crit armor doesn't increase critical hit rate
  • Issue 1245 - Altar changes to white instead of black(Mac OS X)
  • Issue 1246 - "u"sing a hatchet always advances turn
  • Issue 1252 - wrong list of artefacts in post-mortem info (see Issue 1265 and Issue 1268)
  • Issue 1254 - Burning Hands +modifier remains at 0
  • Issue 1272 - Hunger status doesn't change immediately with drakeling spit
  • Issue 1274 - Deciding not to attack a neutral monster increases energy cost of next action (see Issue 765)
  • Issue 1275 - ADOM crashes on launch after crash during play
  • Issue 1280 - Improve error handling on Windows and OSX


  1. So, about 5 new corruptions after tax?

  2. Seeker contributors are excluded?

    I bought the wrong package? *scratches my head*

    1. The Seeker level was for the ADOM Lite RPG exclusively as per the description.

    2. *sigh*

      Shot myself in the foot by contributing more money.

    3. Well, it was an offshoot pledge-level---happens in a good many Kickstarters for people mainly just after the specific thing in question running parallel to the other rewards as well as it tending to be things in a limited quantity in absolute terms. In the end, only you will get to enjoy the Lite RPG, alongside everybody else just hanging in there for the public, polished update releases to come instead of these temperamental in-dev interim private releases.

  3. The MS-DOS version crashes if you start it directly from the root-directory. Please create a subdirectory for ADOM and start it from there. The download archive was updated to include the missing CWSDPMI.EXE, so if you get a message that this file is missing, please re-download the game.

  4. I'm still waiting to get my email, and have even sent an email about this, no I did not pick the Seeker level, yes I donated more money then a Villager and am very disappointed that I am not able to take part in this.