Friday, April 20, 2012

Weapon and armor prefixes and suffixes in ADOM II

is anybody noticing them? Which ones did you see? I had expected far more discussion and reaction to them... and since I occasionally see them I think they work. Or is there some bug preventing most of them from showing up? Let me know :-) (I mean items of the "brutal <something> of corruption" type).


  1. There's some I find lots of. "[item] of precision" is pretty common. I've found quite a few "[item] of heroism" too but I haven't worked out what that actually means.

  2. In my case, I haven't seen many apart from "of precision", but that's probably because I play mostly unarmed troll monks (which means using no weapons, no body armour, and other armour - boots, etc. - restricted to "large" which is not so common).

  3. I've managed to find leather armour of precision... which I'm completely at a loss in working out how it functions. Perhaps it's for the smallfolk to wear whilst you throw them at the enemies?

  4. I've ran into a few of them including:
    weap. prefix: balanced
    sacred (sounds awesome)

    weap. suffix:
    of the eagle
    of slaughtering
    of mayhem

    armor prefix:
    rotting (This one seems to slow down hp regen rate?),
    shining (this one sounds awesome but I haven't tested yet, that would be cool if it worked as an everburning torch)
    swift (!)[! means I likes the sound of that]

    armor suffixes:
    of stupidity
    of precision
    of heroism

    I haven't stopped recording them like 2 weeks ago so I'm sure there is lots more I haven't ran into, but seems like they are probably all appearing.

    What got me really excited was some of the new cloaks (of the ghost, of the ghoul, and displacement) those sound really cool, and I hope some of those cloaks named after ethereal dwelling undead will allow us to walk through walls :)

    ... But seems like there is lots of exciting and interesting new item possibilities for us to discover! keep up the good work!

    What the chance of acquiring intelligent weapons someday? Not sure exactly how that might work though.

    Also it would be cool if magic/artifact items could be generated with charges that you could use through the 'z'ap menu, that could have a limited amount of charges and or limited amount of charges per day/week/month/year

  5. Considering the charges comment: Let me just state that the means to imbue items with energy with the technical ADOM II feature of being able to generate new commands from items is very exciting when thinking about it... just imagine "the scythe of the grim reaper" that grants you a special all-around-attack when imbued with a minimum amount of power points... and then imagine sacrificing all your points and maybe even a point of mana permanently in order to get a triple-strength all round attack with toughness drain and fear effects upon hitting. All trivial to build in ADOM II... and these things slowly are coming. I just need to get finished with the core game (missiles, spells, religion next together with making all skills useful so that I can focus on such features).

    At least I am excited every day :-)

  6. In regards to imbued items, this sounds awesome! Seems quite hard to judge if its worth it before the investment currently, but I'm sure that can be worked out. Very much looking forward to items which carry interesting bonuses like that, even if its just 1 in 10 attacks becomes an all-around-attack kinda thing =)

  7. Awesome! I got to admit Thomas I don't know how you resist constantly going off on tangents for each cool new feature you think of, and working on that... But it shows a lot of discipline to be able to keep to the schedule and get the core stuff done.

  8. A sword of lightning that can also 'z'ap a lightning bolt every now and then would be very cool.

    As would be the staff of the archmagi which could 'z'ap a variety of spells itself... including maybe some unique powerful spells such as an attack that shoots a frost/fire/lightning bolt all at the same time!

    Anyway, I'm very happy with your interest in adding spell abilities to weapons and armour. Keep up the good work!

  9. I've seen a single "of devastation" and a single "fatal" weapon. So these are quite rare, but maybe they should be, given how good they are. There are many old modifiers that I didn't find, including penetration.

    It seems that item modifiers now depend on dungeon depth and / or character level? The effect is that the really good modifiers have become much harder to find than they were in ADOM 1. On the other hand, the disarm ability makes it easier to generate a lot of weapons. I'm not sure about overall balance.