Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Big Release Day: ADOM 3.3.3 has been released everywhere!

Hi everyone!

While we are happily running our ADOM RPG Kickstarter we as proudly would like to announce the general availability of ADOM 3.3.3 everywhere:
For all fans of the public version: There were many changes and tweaks in the past year. If you want to catch up check out all the changes listed in our change log since version 3.0.6. For everyone else: ADOM 3.3.3 just fixes two bugs found in ADOM 3.3.2 and adds a temporary reminder for our ADOM Kickstarter campaign (sorry for the extra click - but small indie publishers need all the attention they can get and we truly value your love and support).

As for the Kickstarter:
  • We have been funded on day 1.
  • We have unlocked stretch goals 1 (10 more pieces of art for the Player's Handbook), stretch goal 2 (10 more pieces of art for the Game Master's Guide) and stretch goal 3 (16 more pages of random Ancardian goodness for the Gamemaster's Guide). And now we are close to unlocking stretch goal 4 (the GM screen). Next after that are adventures and tons of background stuff about Ancardia.
  • We are working on some good news related to print-at-cost. Stay tuned - hopefully we will have great news within two to three days.
  • Help us to make ADOM RPG the best OSR RPG ever created!
And now: Happy hacking!

Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM


  1. Will we hear about the print-at-cost news before the Kickstarter ends? There's only four days left, and what the news is may determine if/how much I might donate.

    1. Sadly we have trouble with DriveThruRPG (which we are evaluating). They have been down for almost a week due to their cloud migration and the whole publishing process is still kind of wonky... and a lot less speedy than Lulu. So I still didn't manage to verify our PDFs despite trying for about two weeks (in Lulu that's four clicks - about the same number of minutes).

      If we manage to be compliant with DriveThruRPGs guidelines (which should be possible - but we still don't know anything about potential trouble) we probably can reduce the print prices by 10-30% (depending on your option) because they offer much better prices than Lulu.

      Sadly their PDF requirements differ so we only would be able to support either Lulu or DriveThruRPG (at least that's my current impression - hard to say without being able to go through the process at least once).

      While it's my fault that we didn't check this out completely before the start of the Kickstarter I'm now kind of frustrated by the unforeseen troubles.

      That's the honest state of the union.