Tuesday, October 2, 2018

ADOM 3.3.1 now turned into a public release on Steam

ADOM 3.3.1 proved stable enough to be turned into a public release on Steam. If you tried 3.3.1 as a Steam beta, remember switching back to the public release branch.


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  1. It seams to me that item identification is bugged... Once I weared ruby necklace, and found out that it is Amulet of perseverance (Wi+3) and then later found another ruby necklace (wile still wearing old one) which I identified by scroll just to found out that it is another Amulet of perseverance (Wi+3). Later in the same game I found Orcish helmet in the shop, walked ower it to remember hou it looks, but in the next dungeon noticed Black helmet on the ground, which, of course, was Orcish helmet