Sunday, May 6, 2018

ADOM 3.2.0 released as a Steam beta!

Hi everyone!

We are proud to finally announce the release of ADOM 3.2.0 as a Steam beta version (follow this link to read how to activate a Steam beta).

The central new feature of ADOM 3.2.0 is a high personalization and customization level of the PC sprite. Hair color, armor, weapon type, etc. now will show. There are still tons of detail we have to add but the amount of variety already now has been mind-staggering.

So enjoy the first release of this feature, let us know what you think and we will work on improving it. The brief changelog can be found in the usual place.

Axes high!
Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM


  1. First of all - you all did amazing job! There is no words to describe how long I've been waiting for this! Congratulations!

    But I have a question - will there be manual customization? Random look can do I put it...messy? Almost got a heart attack when saw my pink haired troll woman.

    1. I believe there already is a 'personalised' mode where you can choose these, along with a billion other things, although I tend to play on Roguelike so I'm not sure :)

    2. No, I double checked this 8(

    3. I have as well, and it is currently random. It is beta, so I do hope some way customize comes.

      None the less, I like it so far. Hope to see more

    4. Yes, this is coming for sure, though might take a longer while. Combined ADOM<-->NotEye endeavours tend to take slightly more time ;)

    5. ...and I do hope better elven face are coming too. IMHO current faces looks terrible.

    6. Incidentally, is finishing up the as-of-yet missing animations for some sprites on the table in the near future? Kind of odd running into static monsters when everything is so fancy already. :)

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