Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ever expanding soundscape - where no roguelike has gone before.

Lucas isn't messing around when it comes to weapon sounds :)

Lucas has been hard at work digging into ADOM sounds. This week's focus was on combat audio, making the sounds clearer, easier to distinguish, and generally more detailed and pleasant to the ear. As you can see from the twitter pic above, Lucas is really going to town with this :) Given that rouglikes in general aren't known for their sweeping soundscape, Lucas' attention to detail blows me away every time.

Animations are progressing nicely. As mentioned last week it's not just getting sprites ready for the animation engine, it's also a general review of everything we have so far. There's not much time to spend on each separate sprite, but within reasonable boundaries we try to make sure each sprite reaches a certain standard. Most importantly it's description has to match (yepp, that Large Orc sure changed a bit!) and it can't have any of the problems that came up in my earlier work - like low contrast/samey colors (Note the older Orc Scorcher contrast difference, even between male and female sprites, or the old and new Minotaurs).

An interesting side effect of these preparations is that some of the more dynamic poses no longer look good when animated. For example the old cats used to have a hunters' dog raised paw, but when animated "hunter's paw" became "broken paw" all of a sudden.

Mileage from this sweeping update may vary as speed is still the key issue. Best take a look at the preview below and judge for yourself :)


  1. Oooo I like those updated tiles. I love the lion tile, and the scorcher with his/her tattoos. Its looking great so far!

    Speaking of orcs, I was wondering if you've had a chance to look at updating the player tile for orc/troll characters. I made that RFE that you commented on, but I was just curious. Hopefully I'm not sounding nosey or ungrateful :p

    1. I remember that RFE, it's one of those things that bother me too :X But with any luck there's a PC overhaul coming. Not just for animation, but also more customization, and a more detailed overview of what they are wearing. Think "Oh, this guy has a Mithril Shortsword and Elven Chain Mail on" instead of "Some sort of Shortsword" and "Warrior character always looks the same regardless of armor".

      First we need monster animations in a good place. Right now we're just a few short of making all low- and mid level monsters complete and ready for testing.

    2. PC sprite* overhaul. Player Character that is ;)

    3. Very cool, I look forward to seeing it in place :)