Tuesday, October 4, 2016

ADOM R71 (version 2.2.5) released as a Steam beta!

Hi everyone!

And here we go again with the next minor ADOM release (while I keep working on the next truly major ADOM release and Jochen is reworking our build infrastructure): ADOM R71 (version 2.2.5) now is available as a Steam beta. Follow the instructions provided for previous beta releases to install ADOM R71. The changeling is available in the usual place.

Again we have a slew of minor improvements, the most importantly probably being the ability to configure the classic interface via a configuration option. Additionally we have fixed another batch of minor bugs.


P.S.: I still have to do my write-up of the roguelike celebration but I spent the past couple of days writing an entity-component-system in order to test out its general viability for ADOM (I got inspired by Cogmind and Caves of Qud during Roguelike Celebration ;-) ). I wrote my prototype in Java, discovered a number of issues (performance specifically) but now have a firm enough grasp on the topic to try mapping the approach to an ADOM quest/story engine I'm right now planning (although this is something that's going to happen after we are done with the crowdfunding stuff... or at least 99% of it).


  1. Thanks for allowing us to save the UI layout. As you might remember, that little issue has been bugging me, personally, for quite some time.

  2. An ADOM engine? That made my evening. That's exciting!

  3. Any news on the tabletop RPG? I'm so excited to try it out!

  4. Thanks for recommending Caves of Qud :)