Sunday, September 4, 2016

ADOM R69 released to both Steam players and prerelease testers

Hi everyone!

We are happy to announce the release of ADOM R69 to both our Steam players and the prerelease tester circle (the usual download access for prerelease testers). Some time later we also might do a general public release of R69 as lots of new stuff has been added to the game since the last public release.
ADOM R69 (version 2.2.3) is only a very minor bug fix release that hopefully copes with the final annoying bugs and hopefully also somewhat enhances our graphical performance. You can find the tiny changelog here (it's incomplete at the time of this writing; due to our pending transition I right now need Jochen to change it but he's on the road right now - so we'll update it later).

The most important changes are:
  • Shifting dungeons should no longer crash NotEye (issue 4397; still needs to be listed in the changeling).
  • Zeno has added preloading for images (and a corresponding loading bar) to the game. Hopefully this speeds up the graphical UI on slower systems during the game (although startup now might take longer). We also are working on another batch of graphical performance improvements that will foot on an internal caching system for expensive changes. We have not yet included this in the current release as it still needs some work and also requires extensive testing.
  • A few other minor fixes for annoying bugs (see the changeling).
Important note for Steam users: ADOM R69 is a public Steam release, lf you played the Steam beta versions of R67 or R68 you now can switch back to playing the normal ADOM version by right-clicking on ADOM in your library, selecting "Properties", going to the "Betas" tab and selecting "None" for the current beta.

What's up next? We'll wait for a couple of days to see if any other major bug found its way into ADOM. If not we'll finally convert our internal version control system from Subversion to GIT which will enhance our future ability to provide faster updates. I'll also resume my work on the next major content release. Barring any new major problems in R69, ADOM R70 will be a pretty major content release with tons of new stuff (slightly outlined already here and more is under work).

And now enjoy playing!


  1. Does this release include the character generation changes?

  2. It still says v2.0.3 in the main branch, but v2.2.3 in the beta branch.

    1. Sorry, that was a misunderstanding between Thomas and me. Version 2.2.3 is now available on the main branch.

  3. It includes the customizable and point-based character generation changes, yes. We are planning more changes to point-based attribute selection for a future release though.

  4. Hi Thomas. I was playing R68 beta on Steam/linux and noticed the increased performance from R67. But now in R69 the performance is just impossible to play.

    I enter Ice Queen's domain and the lag is just terrible, unplayable. I change back to beta testing in steam and it does not get any better. It is now impossible to play it.

    I am not using NotEye

    1. From R68 to R69 nothing at all was changed as far as performance goes? This is quite surprising. We now are preloading images but that hardly can slow down the game. What's your setup? Did you change the NotEye Renderer (all Steam versions use NotEye, whether you play ASCII or not).