Sunday, March 29, 2015

Announcing the redesigned ADOM homepage!

Hi folks!

Yet another puzzle piece towards the Steam release finally is live. Krys has redesigned the ADOM homepage and given it a modern and fresh look which I've totally fallen in love with.

There are probably quite a few kinks left to be worked out and we plan to expand it greatly in the future but for now it should be sufficient to present ADOM in a modern, fresh and vivid manner.

In the future the following additions are planned:
  • As soon as we have a new video up for the Steam release it also will be embedded with the play button on the front page.
  • We might decide to randomize the player quotes on the website if we receive more good quotes that we can use.
  • The new home page will be the foundation for the extended website and the community site we are going to develop after the Steam release. Major features of the community website will include:
    • an event Stream displaying events from games played while online (e.g. character creation, deaths, achievements, unlocked, special levels discovered, ...
    • shared global high scores
    • community statistics (e.g. races & classes played, levels achieved, ...)
Let us know what you think - all feedback is welcome as usual!

Thomas & Team ADOM


  1. Here's screencap of something that bothers me:

    Nice work otherwise!

  2. Under the "Ghost Exchange" section, it says:

    "This introduces a very unqiue twist to the game, and adds unique challenges and rewards. Defeat the dead, or join their ranks!"

    Aside from the "unqiue" typo, putting "very" before "unique" is (controversially) weak, and the repeating "unique" feels... well, repetitive (how's that for hypocrisy?). Perhaps replacing "a very unique" with "an extraordinary" would make it flow better.

  3. Please don't make clicking a link open a new tab/window. I can open in a new tab if I need to.

  4. Wow! This site looks beautiful. I seriously can't wait to link this to my friends.

    Edit: Wait, just noticed - at the very bottom, both the official forums and the Steam community paragraphs both start with the phrasing "The best place to get started on your ADOM journey." Might want to reword one of them slightly :P

  5. Very shiny! Love it. Excited to try out the new modes and not die around level 6... hm... :)

  6. With all the respect, I think "the longest actively maintained roguelike game ever" is another title.